Lista de Informes

Informes Finales de Investigación

La Florida (USA)

Hydrometeorological Disasters in the State of Florida.
Scientific Findings of the ENSO Disaster Risk Management in Latin America Project

Estudios de caso sobre el Fenómeno ENSO y los desastres en La Florida (USA).
Frost in Florida: The 1980s and Disaster for Citrus in Marion County.
Amanda Holmes with collaboration of Juan Concha

Needed and Feared: The Unavoidable Vulnerability to Forest Fires in Florida. [pdf]
Byron Real

Hard Rain: Development and Disaster on the Forgotten Coast.
Chris Berry and Amanda Holmes

Case Study of 1998 Tornadoes in Osceola County, Florida: Patterns of Vulnerability and Resilience.
Joanna Reilly-Brown

Eye on the Storm; Coastal Disaster in Florida, Hurricane Opal A Case Study.
Sarah Cervone